CrossFit Kerikeri began in 2013 to help individuals experience quality training, improve their overall performance, and attain their fitness goals. No matter what fitness category you represent, our friendly environment makes you feel welcomed, you are known by your name, and everyone in the gym encourages you in your journey. Not only do you improve your health and fitness, but you become part of a great social network, not only in Kerikeri, but all around the world.

Our exceptional trainers are driven to train, guide and help each individual. Our Trainers are here to assist with movement, encourage, and help you to reach your fitness goals. Our trainers ensure the workout experience is challenging but most importantly enjoyable. We are determined to see results, whether to improve health and fitness, or to lose some kilos.

Our ‘K’ stands for “Kerikeri”, “we are committed to building a healthy community in all areas of life.”   




William Arama, Founder

I’ve played multiple different sports, but became idle as work got busy. Going home exhausted to relax, too much, too often. I became unfit, overweight and tried losing weight at the gym for over 5yrs with hardly any results. Then I found CrossFit. For some reason I thoroughly enjoyed rolling on the floor huffing and puffing, I just knew this is for me. So I joined and have never looked back.

Four and a half years ago I moved from Palmerston North to Kerikeri for work. I was emotional about leaving my CrossFit Mana family. However, looking ahead I was hoping to find a CrossFit gym here in Kerikeri. Unfortunately there was nothing. I really wanted to do CrossFit because of the way it had previously help me lose my big belly. I also liked the idea of family, and a place where everyone understood each other, and their achievements. I said to my wife I miss CrossFit, and she replied “why don’t you start one up then”. That must have triggered something inside me, because I was excited, I wanted to meet new people and introduce them to CrossFit, and experience the same fun, and journey as I had enjoyed.  

I’m excited to say that Kerikeri now has its own CrossFit gym.

I Hope one day soon I can meet all of you and help you create your own journey.

Stern Arama, Head Trainer

Growing up, Stern played all kinds of sport for fun. He loves being around people and having a laugh. Once out of school the same sports weren't available and he never stuck to any one form of training or exercise. He tried CrossFit on recommendation from his family and was so sore he did not think he could ever do it again, however after going back again he was hooked. He found it to be a great way to continually learn how far to push yourself with constant challenges to overcome. He has continued his training since and finds that the best part is to be able to be in an environment that isn’t individual, there are others to push you, encourage you and to have a straight up good time. 

Stern completed a Certificate in Exercise and Sports Performance in 2012 and has completed his CrossFit Level one certificate with plans to complete the CrossFit Level two certificate this year. He is working full time as a builders apprentice and works at CrossFit Kerikeri in his off hours. He would like to continue to grow his knowledge in all aspects of training to better both himself and those he trains. 

Rebecca Arama, Trainer

Rebecca was first introduced to CrossFit through her husband, Stern, but was not interested in doing it herself until after watching classes for a few weeks, decided that she could do what they were doing too. Once started there was no looking back, she gained confidence and the community and encouragement wasn’t something she had ever experienced before, “It gives you a great sense of accomplishment - there is nothing like throwing yourself into a workout, you hurt, you are breathing hard but it is the best feeling.”

She is currently working on finishing her Bachelors Degree in Sport and Recreation and has hopes to follow with further study in nutrition. For the last six months she has been taking classes at CrossFit Kerikeri and loves to see the change in people, “It’s amazing to remember where they started and where they are now.”